The artist standing in front of her piece Apotropaic, 2013. 

Photography credit: Emma Robinson. 

artist statement

The main artistic concerns that surround my practice focus on the physical immediacy between artist, material, and the labour of making. A variety of conventional roles are challenged, including the function of materials themselves as well as the masculine aesthetic my work exhibits, given that I am a female artist. My primary focus is to investigate the interstice between sculpture and furniture, combining fine art practice (particularly drawing) with design functionality.


My work has a common thematic approach, juxtaposing opposites such as permanence and flexibility, form versus function, conventional use of materials versus the unconventional use thereof. I also seek to highlight design within a fine art context, foregrounding human procession and contrasting potentiality versus the residue of human action. In doing so, I incorporate methodologies from architectural and design theory as well as experiment with a variety of materials, removing them from their typical contexts. Also, I incorporate etymology, semantic variation, and cultural meaning-making as it informs my overall thematic approach.


"Drawing is taking a line for a walk."                - Paul Klee


"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."                                       - Pablo Picasso